Our Network Of Instructors

ABC Community Training Center's network of Instructors is continuously growing. Each of the last few years has come with an outstanding increase in the community becoming CPR certified. Our Instructors alone, have trained well over 10,000 individuals each year and that number continues to grow. We cannot thank the community enough for becoming aware of the importance of such a powerful skill.

Massachusetts Schools

With CPR training becoming an important part of many of Massachusetts school systems, the number of youth being trained each year is also growing. Many of the Instructors aligned with ABC Community Training Center work as school nurses or teachers. We are so grateful for the inclusion of CPR in the curriculum for many of the schools throughout Massachusetts.

Pandemic Training

While the pandemic has made everything more difficult, our participants, and our instructors have done an excellent job following guidelines and social distancing. Thank you everyone for helping!

Medfield Instructors

Medfield schools continue to do a fantastic job providing CPR/AED training to their students and staff, even during a global pandemic they found a way to get it done. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of our Training Center.